Who owned the gun that killed Mr. Nesbitt in Monster?

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During the robbery, Alguinaldo Nesbitt took out his gun to defend himself from James King and Richard "Bobo" Evans, and James King managed to take Nesbitt's gun during the struggle. It is not clear who fired Nesbitt's gun and killed him, but Richard "Bobo" Evans testifies that James King pulled the trigger. The investigators also know that Alguinaldo Nesbitt legally owned the gun and carried it to protect his store.

Tragically, Nesbitt's own gun was used against him during the botched robbery. Steve Harmon also participated in the robbery and acted as the lookout. Before James King and Bobo entered the store, Steve was supposed to give them a signal to let them know that the store was empty. However, Bobo testifies that Steve never gave them the signal upon leaving the store. At the end of the trial, Steve is found not guilty, and James King is sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for the robbery/murder of Alguinaldo Nesbitt.

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