In Great Expectations, who is Orlick, and what is his importance in the novel?

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Orlick, is in the simplest terms, Joe's assistant at the forge. He then becomes gatekeeper for Miss Havisham until Joe has him fired from his post because Pip--correctly--believes him to evil and untrustworthy. In more complex terms Orlick is the contrast to Magwitch. Magwitch is branded a criminal, Orlick is not (at first). Magwitch has inner character that has good and decent qualities even if he did run into trouble with the justice system. Orlick has villainy and evil designs all the way through and has perpetrated harm against people, including a attempt at Pip's life, eve though he has never been taken up by the justice system.


Orlick's importance to the novel is two-fold in that he helps to emphasize and clarify (in a dark and murky novel) Dickens' theme relating to the sometime conflict...

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