Who is the one friend who is too lazy and sleeps anywhere he gets a chance?  

Expert Answers
chsmith1957 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A case could be made for any one of the three friends – J., George, or Harris – to match this description. None of them seems to work much on this boat trip, or at least to contribute much to the benefit of the group. At times, any one of them can actually be a hindrance. (An example of this is when Harris tries to make breakfast in Chapter XI.) And yet, each man thinks that he himself is doing more to advance the adventure than either one of the other two.

The answer to this question may lie in an exchange among the men in Chapter XV. George calls Harris and J. “a couple of lazy skulks.” Harris replies by asking, “Have you ever seen George work?” J. agrees that he never has. George retorts with an accusation of his own:

I’m blest if you haven’t been asleep half the time. Have you ever seen Harris fully awake, except at meal time?

J. agrees with George, that Harris sleeps a lot. Here may lie the answer to your question: Harris. After this point is made, however, both Harris and George quickly agree that they haven’t seen J. do anything worthwhile at all. The friends have been on the water for only a few days, and already they’re accusing one another of not pulling their fair weight in the matter.