Who is Omar Hassan al-Bashir?

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Omar al-Bashir is the current president of Sudan who seized power in 1989 in a bloodless coup and became president in 1993. He has just been charged in the Hague for war crimes that include charges of "crimes against humanity" for the carnage that has occurred in his country, especially in Darfur. He is accused of trying to wipe out several ethnic and tribal groups in the western part of his country. What is unusual is that the charges have been issued against a sitting head of state and that over 108 nations are calling for his arrest.

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He is the president of Sudan.

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However, Sudan is not a ratifier of the International Criminal Court, so the ICC does't really have jurisdiction in the Sudan. So why they have issued an arresst warrant is confusing.

The ICC is an attempt by the UN to create truly global, effective enforcement of human rights. Apart from the odd failed state, such as the Sudan or North Korea, the only country who's refused to sign to an international legal framework to promote human rights is... The United States. *sigh*

(The like below refers to Bashir and his enthically motivated attempts at genocide in Darfur)

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