Who is Ojungo in Things Fall Apart?Who is this guy? Can't find him in the book...

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you might mean Ojiugo instead of Ojungo; as far as I know, there is no character named Ojungo in the book. The main character in the narrative, Okonkwo, has three wives, and Ojiugo is the youngest.

Ojiugo appears in Chapter 4 of Things Fall Apart. It is the Week of Peace, and Ojiugo, by her thoughtlessness, provokes Okonkwo to anger, thereby causing him to transgress upon the sacredness of the Week, which requires that no harsh words be spoken between individuals. Ojiugo goes to a friend's house to plait her hair, and does not return in time to fulfill her duty to prepare the afternoon meal for Okonkwo. When Ojiugo returns, Okonkwo beats her "very heavily," forgetting that by doing so, he is desecrating the holiness of the Week of Peace, and may bring down upon his whole clan the ire of the earth goddess. Okonkwo must be punished to appease the goddess, lest she cause the crops to be poor and ruins them all. In reparation for his act, Okonkwo is required to bring to the shrine of Ani an offering of "one she-goat, one hen, a length of cloth and a hundred cowries."

Okonkwo brings the offerings as ordered, but although he is inwardly repentant, he does not allow himself to show humility before the tribe, because he fears being looked upon as weak. The elders of the tribe comment that the punishment for breaking the Week of Peace has become very lenient; in the past, a man who broke the peace was dragged through the village until he died, but that practice was stopped because it violated the very peace it was meant to preserve (Chapter 4).