Who nearly catches Huck and Tom as they sneak away from Huck’s home? Briefly explain who this person is and what he is like.  

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This incident happens in chapter 2 of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. While Huck and Tom are sneaking out through the garden, they nearly get caught by Jim, Miss Watson's slave. Jim had been sleeping in the kitchen when Huck makes some noise tripping on a tree root. As Jim stirs, he calls out that he'll catch whoever is there. The two boys crouch low in the dark and stay perfectly still and silent while they wait for Jim to fall back asleep. They almost blow their cover when Huck is afflicted by a terrible itch that demands to be scratched. After Jim falls back asleep, Tom brazenly goes into the kitchen and takes a candle (but leaves 5 cents for it) and hangs Jim's hat up on a hook. When Jim awakens, he thinks it must have been the work of witches.

Mark Twain's portrayal of Jim flies in the face of most other depictions of slaves in the literature of the time. Jim is a complex person with a well developed personality. For starters, he is loyal to those who treat him as more than just a slave. This is especially true in his relationship with Huck. Throughout the story, Jim repays Huck multiple times for his kindness.

Jim is also intelligent. Although he believes in many superstitions, he also is a good problem solver and quite capable at getting himself and the boys out of tight situations through quick thinking.

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While Huck and Tom are sneaking away from Huck's house, they are nearly caught by Miss Watson's slave, Jim. When they are running through the garden, Huck trips and wakes up Jim, but Huck and Tom sit very still and silent so Jim will not see them. Eventually, Jim goes back to sleep and does not see Tom and Huck.

Jim is Miss Watson's household slave. Jim is very intelligent and extremely loyal, especially to Huck. Jim is away from his family and longs to be with them more than anything, but he develops a special friendship with Huck. Jim's friendship and loyalty teaches Huck that being a good human being has nothing to do with your race. Jim seems to have a lot more maturity compared to the other adults in the book. He is a selfless, practical, and real person.


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