Who is the narrator of the story "Barrio Boy" by Ernesto Galarza?

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kathik eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Barrio Boy," Ernesto Galarza tells the story of his life from the time he lived in a small town in Mexico to his family's move to California in the United States.  Even though he was very young when he left the town of his birth, he vividly details life in Mexico and the consequences of the revolution that eventually forces his family to leave.

Once the family leaves Mexico behind and crosses the border into the United States, they are faced with a whole new set of problems due to cultural differences and other factors. Ernesto writes about this experience from the memories he has collected over the years.

Since "Barrio Boy" is a story about Ernesto's life, told from his point of view, he is both author and narrator.

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