Who Are The Narrators In Frankenstein

Who is the narrator of Frankenstein, and why is the narration important?

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There are actually three narrators in the novel. Walton begins and ends the novel by corresponding with his sister through letters. This is known as the "epistolary form" in which letters are used to tell the story. Walton introduces Frankenstein and his creature through his letters to his sister, creating suspense by using Victor's word "demon" to describe the creature. Walton is an objective narrator of both Frankenstein and the creature. Victor Frankenstein then picks up the story, telling the reader about his childhood up until he attends the university. The creature then begins his narration, and the reader is able to learn the thoughts and feelings of the creature to the point where he asks for a mate to rescue him from his loneliness and isolation in a world that abhors and abuses him. Shelley is allowing the reader to judge the story by providing the three different points of view. Do you sympathize with Victor or his creature of both of them? Shelley allows you to make that decision...

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