Who is the narrator in Antigone

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In the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles, the narration is performed by the Council of Theban Elders, also called the Chorus. Rather than having an outside narrator appear on stage to inform the audience members of things they need to know, Sophocles used an interesting device of having the council of elders, who are always at hand to advice King Creon, perform that function. The Chorus has several functions in the play, in fact. First, it provides the most poetic and artistic passages of the play, reciting choral odes that include elevated commentary on the themes of the play. These include the Ode to Man, Ode to Love, and Ode to Zeus. Second, the Chorus informs the audience of how it should react to the story as it progresses. Initially the Chorus sides with Creon, but as Antigone and Haemon make their arguments and when Tiresias the prophet adds his perspective, the Chorus...

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