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Myrtle and George Wilson are two characters in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. George runs a garage on the edge of the ash heap, and they live in an apartment above the garage. They are relatively poor people, not well-educated, and they live in a completely different world from Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Myrtle encounters Tom Buchanan on the train one day, and she is immediately attracted to him. She becomes his mistress, and Tom provides an apartment in New York City for them to meet. George suspects that Myrtle has a lover, but he has no idea who it might be. When Daisy runs down Myrtle and kills her, Tom allows George to believe it was Gatsby who was driving the car. Grieving and angry, George shoots and kills Gatsby, believing he has avenged himself, and then he shoots himself. These are important characters, not just because of the plot, but also because they are in such strong contrast to the Buchanans, who have come into their lives and ruined them in their inimitable careless way.

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