The Egypt Game Questions and Answers
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Who is the murderer in The Egypt Game?

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April and her friends live in a neighborhood that has many children. This would suggest that the neighborhood is quite safe. Unfortunately, two children have been found murdered, and the murderer is completely unknown. The reader is led to suspect that the murderer is the reclusive Professor; however, that ends up being false. The murderer turns out to be a relative of Mr. Schmitt that struggles to find work. Readers are told that something is mentally wrong with the man, and that explains why he can not seem to keep a job. Mr. Schmitt feels obligated to help out a relative of his, so Mr. Schmitt always agrees to let him work as a stockboy for a relatively low amount of payment. The man will work for a bit, earn some money, leave the area, and return again.

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A relative of Mr. Schmidt is the actual murderer. He worked part time in Mr. Schmidt's store. The town believed that the professor, a curio shop owner, was the murderer. The townspeople were afraid of him , but they had no basis for their fear.

When two girls in one year were killed, fear ran throughout the community. There was no proof that the professor had done the murders, but the speculation was always there. It wasn't until April was attacked, and the professor called for help, that people started to change their minds.

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