Who are the mulato's and what role do they play in the theme or plot of the novel ?

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Patrick Chamoiseau's Texaco (1992) is a story about the island of Martinique (and its slum known as Texaco) from the time it was a slaveholding hub to the present multi-ethnic community under the influence of cultural and economic forces. The story is told through the family history of Marie-Sophie, starting with her grandfather (a slave), her father-Esternome (a freed slave) and her own life and how the world changed around them.

A mulatto is a person of mixed descent, born to parents of different ethnicity. In Texaco, mulatto refers to a person of mixed descent, a french mulatto, born to a french parent and a native. The mulattoes and creole french add to the progression of the story. One of the major themes of Texaco is the influence of colonialism on language, another one is the sense of belonging to a national identity. It is through these thematic elements that we see the mulattoes adding to the story, how Ti-Cirique would attempt to correct Marie-Sophie's narrative or her father's renewed french nationalism. The novel takes us through the changing times and how mulattoes and whites come together.