Who is Mrs. Dale- Evans?

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Mrs. Dale- Evans is the home sciences teacher at the school.  She is initially introduced when she comes into the staff lounge and begins cleaning it.  Mrs. Dale- Evans is a very welcoming source for Braithwaite.  She invites him to eat lunch in the staff lounge.  She introduces him to the other teachers.  In contrast to the abandonment of Hackman and the rudeness of Weston, Mrs. Dale- Evans proves to be a source of strength for Braithwaite.  Already overcome with the reality that teaching is not going to match his expectations, she becomes a sort of refuge for him, a sanctuary in a fairly heartless world. 

Mrs. Dale- Evans serves as a type of mentor or ideal for Braithwaite.  She leaves the staff lounge to tell Braithwaite that she has to bathe one of the students who suffers from poor hygiene.  The impact that this has on the "rookie" Braithwaite is evident, as it demonstrates how he can operate as a teacher who is there to support students.  At the same time, when he observes her classroom, Mrs. Dale- Evans treats the students with respect while holding high standards.  This provides some type of vision for Braithwaite, as to how he can function and be effective in the classroom.


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