Who is Mrs. Windemere in Gary D. Schmidt's book Okay for Now?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Windemere is one of the customers that Doug Swieteck delivers groceries to on Saturdays.  

In the beginning of the story, Doug and his family move to a new area. Doug struggles with making friends, and his family struggles financially. Lil Spicer is an early friend to Doug, and her father owns a local deli. Mr. Spicer kindly gives Doug a job delivering groceries on Saturdays, and Mrs. Windemere is one of the people that Doug delivers to.  

Her other important function to the story is that she (in a roundabout way) helps Doug retrieve the Large-Billed Puffins plate. Doug knows that a father of a classmate of his has the Large-Billed Puffins. Doug also knows that this father is a fan of Aaron Copland. Mrs. Windemere happens to have a manuscript edition of Copland's autobiography. She gives the autobiography to Doug. Doug trades Mr. Russel the manuscript for the Puffins.