Who is Mrs. Stakia in the short story "Looking for Mr. Green"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Stakia is a poor woman who always has a number of children in tow wherever she goes and regularly sells her blood to make some cash.  Known as the "Blood Mother of Federal Street", she is loudly defiant about her economic condition and vociferous in her belief that she is entitled to much more in life.  Mrs. Stakia sets up her ironing board in front of the local relief agency because they have not paid her electric bill, and calls the media to witness to her protest.  The reaction to her action is mixed - some believe that because of her flamboyant tenacity she will get what she wants, submerging everyone in her way, "including governments and nations".  Others think that no one will pay any attention to her because her methods are so outrageous.  In keeping with a primary theme of the story, the truth of the situation is difficult to discern.

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