Who is Mrs. Prism?

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Ms. Laetitia Prism is presented at first as Cecily's governess, or tutor. She seems to be the main female figure in Cecily's life and does her best to direct her pupil to stay on task with her studies. Ms. Prism doesn't seem to be that important in the play since she merely supports her pupil and flirts with the pastor of the town, Mr. Chasuble. However, Ms. Prism is very important to the plot's twist near the end. She is the one who misplaced Jack at the train station when he was a baby! It is through her confession, by Aunt Augusta's insistence for it, that Jack's heritage is addressed. It is ironic that Ms. Prism would wind up working for the man whom she lost as a baby! Luckily, though, it works out because once Jack's family line is known, he can marry Gwendolen.