Describe Mrs. Preston. What does she represent for Hanneh?The Lost of Beautifulness" by Anzia Jezierska

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Mrs. Preston is Hanneh's employer. Hanneh does laundry for Mrs. Preston who is a wealthy woman. She is, however, genuinely fond of Hanneh. They have had discussions about democracy, which Mrs. Preston believes (as does Hanneh) will equalize the chasm that exists between the rich and the poor, guaranteeing the same rights to the poor as are enjoyed by the wealthy.

When Hanneh paints the kitchen, Mrs. Preston is very supportive, and compliments Hanneh on the beauty she has created from her heart.

Mrs. Preston is a concerned friend. She is horrified by the behavior of the landlord toward Hanneh, and she tries to be of help, though there is nothing she can really do. And although they are "friends," there is still a division between them because of the socioeconomic levels each woman belongs to.