Who is Mrs. Frankweiler to Jamie and Claudia?Why was the statue important to Claudia?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jamie and Claudia are the long lost grandchildren of Saxonberg, Mrs. Frankweiler's friend, possible love interest, and lawyer for the past forty-one years (Chapter 10).  Also, when the children learn of Mrs. Frankweiler's unfulfilled dream to experience motherhood, they decide to make her their adopted grandmother (Chapters 9-10).

Claudia thought the statue "was not only the most beautiful in the world but also the most mysterious" (Chapter 4).  She feels inexplicably drawn to it; to her the face is familiar, as if it belonged to someone she knew.  Claudia is determined to uncover the mystery of its origin, and her quest makes her feel important, as if there is something more to her life than her hum-drum, taken-advantage-of existence at home.  The statue and her mission is her secret, and having a secret gives her excitement and her own sense of purpose (Chapter 10).

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