The Mystery of Edwin Drood Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Who is Mr. Honeythurder in the novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood?

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Luke Honeythunder is a boisterous philanthropist who has assumed guardianship for the orphans Helena and Neville Landless. He arranges for both of them to be educated with Neville living with Honeythunder's sister and Helena living at a Nun's house. Honeythunder is accused of having a part in the disappearance of Edwin Drood, and following this he cuts ties completely with the orphans. This upsets his nephew Septimus, who knows that it will besmirch his reputation as a public philanthropist.

Honeythunder is said to have an extremely loud voice, often telling other people how to live their lives and offering unsolicited advice. His penchant for philanthropy is heavy-handed and tiresome, and he has a tendency to disrupt the peace of any moment. He often is imposing and overstays his welcome.

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