Who is the most sympathetic character in Lord of the Flies and how? Give examples.

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The most sympathetic character in Lord of the Flies is Piggy.  Piggy is constantly victimized for being overweight and asthmatic.  Even though he is the idea person, he is very rarely listened to or given credit for his ideas.

Piggy is introduced as the fat kid without the name.  In fact, Piggy’s real name is never known.  When Ralph asks him his name, he tells him the kids used to call him Piggy.  Ralph thinks it’s funny and it sticks.  Since the pig is the symbolic victim in the story, it is an appropriate name for Piggy. 

Piggy is upset with his name at first, but then grateful just to be paid attention to.

Piggy grinned reluctantly, pleased despite himself at even this much recognition. (ch 1)

From the beginning, Piggy serves as an advisor to Ralph, but Ralph sees him as an irrelevance.  He advises Ralph to use the conch shell he finds to “call the others” (ch 1).  He keeps track of names.  It is his glasses they use to make a fire.  Piggy is useful, but always ignored.

In the end, Piggy is scarified.  When he is killed, the full tragedy of what has happened to them is clear.


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