In Julius Caesar, who is the most noble, Brutus or Caesar?

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Brutus is by far the noblest character in the play and is depicted as a selfless, courageous man, who is forced to make the difficult decision to join the conspirators and assassinate Julius Caesar. Brutus is a popular, beloved politician, who is the only conspirator genuinely concerned about the Roman populace. Cassius understands Brutus's internal motivation and manipulates him by appealing to his nobility and honor. He presents a moving argument that portrays Caesar as an ambitious politician, who plans on usurping power, disbanding the Senate, and ruling Rome as a tyrant.

After speaking with Cassius, Brutus experiences an internal conflict as he struggles with the decision to assassinate or spare his close friend, Julius Caesar. In contrast, Julius Caesar is depicted as an arrogant, confident man, who speaks in the third-person and compares himself to the immovable North Star. It is implied...

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