Who is most like Ponyboy out of all the characters in The Outsiders?That includes the Socs and Soc girls, too. Not just personality-wise, but their beliefs as while.

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I agree with #5 in that Ponyboy is most like his elder brother, Darry. Both are physically fit and were scholarship material in terms of their sports. Darry pushes Ponyboy to do well at school and be safe as he knows that Ponyboy can realise the dreams that Darry was unable to achieve. Also, if placed in the same position as Darry I am sure that Ponyboy would also have taken on the care of his siblings. Like Darry, Ponyboy has a strong sense of family.

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Despite their differences, Darry and Ponyboy are the most alike. Darry had the brains and ability to make a success of himself and someday escape the deadened life of the gangs. Life situations, however, conspired and placed him in a situation where he had to abandon those ideas in order to provide for the family. Ponyboy has those same traits. His responsibilities, however, will not prevent him from achieving the success that Darry has had to set aside.

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I think that Cherry is more like Ponyboy than Johnny is.  They are both interested in finding out the truth about other people and in reaching out to others rather than stereotyping them based on whether they are Socs or greasers.

I think that Pony will turn out like Darry, though.  I think he'll grow up to be that sort of solid, giving, responsible man.

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Hmmmm, I would tend to say Johnny Cade.  They are both the youngest of the Greasers and both ever so sensitive about everything!  Yes, Johnny is a bit more paranoid than Pony, but when they talk to each other, they tend to be on the same wavelength.  In regards that same wavelength, I have to mention how frustrated they both are about the Greaser gang situation.  Who wants to live his life always afraid of being killed?  It's when the two of them speak about literature that I think their true camaraderie and similarities come out.  Ponyboy actually reads literature and memorizes poetry, don't forget about Pony's iconic recitation of Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay."  However, Johnny actually absorbs the meaning of that literature just as well as Ponyboy, but only after Ponyboy recites or explains it.  Two peas in a pod, they are.

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It would be tempting to say that Sodapop is more like Ponyboy than anyone else. At the drive-in, Cherry Valance tells Pony that she should have realized the two were brothers because of their similar looks. Both are friendly and outgoing and have a love of life (at least when they aren't rumbling). But probably the real answer would be Cherry herself. They both have a sense of fair play, and they both find each other easy to talk to. Neither like fighting, they both like to read, but most importantly, they both dig sunsets. 

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