krishna-agrawala | Student

If you don't count the the unborn baby that is aborted as a living being, the lady carrying the unborn baby is most affected by the abortion. The consequences of aborting or not aborting are the greatest for the mother. Carrying the baby in womb for nine months and giving birth to it is a major task, even when we look at only its physical aspects. In addition, there are emotional aspects. If abortion is not carried out the mother has the major responsibility, not only for the child birth, but also for bringing up the baby. Abortion frees the would be mother of all these tasks and responsibilities. At the same time it may cause emotional disturbances of loosing a child.

jess1999 | Student

I think that the lady who is aborting her baby is affected most by it . If you think about , even if she thinks that it is okay now to abort the baby it would probably affect her later on thinking that she killed her offspring which is basically a part of her . As a christian though , I believe that it is morally wrong that one would want to abort their own children . 

daylady | Student

If we look at the moral law of God, he has given us a law to live by  Thou shall not kill and it doesn't matter what circumstances that it falls under  the law said thou shall not kill, and if man has made laws that states other wise and make exceptions for some and not for others than are we not playing God in who shall live and who shall die.  "Lets think about it or this are we headed down this road in letting society dictate the rightness of righteaous " Thou shall not kill and if man live by the laws of God we would not have to compteplate who suffers the most the mother or the child from the act of abortion.   All questions would get answered and have an answer if we would just study and abide by the law of God.

bamaji | Student

Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy and this issue has got so many facets; medical, psychological, social and physiological. It is a wise precaution to adopt proper contraceptive rather than settle for this option. But when abortion is the decision taken one has to go for it in the early stages of pregnancy to avoid complications. The most affected is the mother. She has to face the trauma of snuffing out a life, bear the after effects of the abortion which could even leave her sterile. The future pregnancies are at risk due to any damages to the reproductive system during the abortion. The abortion has to be performed by an experienced doctor to avoid complications. The after effects like excessive bleeding, pain, physiological changes, hormonal disturbances are curable with proper medical care. But the impact on the mind and psychology needs a lot of care.The woman has to undergo sustained psychiatric counselling to ease out the depression, guiltand behavioural problems due to abortion. The changes in the approach to future relationships with males, sexual life and the disinterest in the next pregnancy are some of the various issues likely to affect the woman. The teenagers face a greater emotional challenge as it can change their approach to marraige. The emotional and moral support from the closer circle of family and friends will help a great deal in this critical period. The exact effects can vary a lot from person to person depending on many factors like age, race, maturity, family/ male support, abortion stage ( in which month of pregnancy), psychological profile and the medical aspects.