Who is more honorable, Antigone or Creon?

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The question of whether Creon or Antigone acts with greater honor is a central issue in Sophocles' tragedy. The area of disagreement between the two characters is whether Polyneices, Antigone's brother, deserves a proper burial, as Antigone maintains, or whether he should be denied burial, as Creon decrees. 

We can use the responses of the Chorus to sort through this conflict. First Creon states that Polyneices, for his treachery against Thebes, must not receive an honorable burial. Creon asserts that if he valued his family more than the state, he would dishonor his fatherland. The Chorus acknowledges that Creon has the power to make such laws and therefore acknowledges that he acts honorably. 

After Antigone is brought in and explains that she...

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