Who is more evil in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth or Macbeth? (P.E.E paragrapgh) 

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Who is more evil, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? This is certainly a matter of opinion, and Shakespeare gives readers the opportunity to decide for themselves who is "worse" or who is more responsible for the downfall of the Macbeths. Here are some possible reasons to support each character as "more evil": 

Lady Macbeth: Many readers see Lady Macbeth as mostly responsible for what happens to Macbeth. This side would argue that Lady Macbeth is the mastermind: she comes up with the plan to murder Duncan , she persuades Macbeth by (among other tactics) questioning his manhood, and she even goes in to plant the daggers on the guards after Macbeth loses his nerve. For much of the play, it seems that Lady Macbeth is composed and maybe even...

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