Who is the more effective leader between Ralph and Jack in "Lord of the Flies"?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack is used to being a leader and feels he needs to be the leader of the boys. But, Jack can also be a bully, seen in the way he treats Piggy. Jack doesn't see the need for organization and planning. He wants to prove himself to be a worthy leader, so he must confront his fears and overcome them if he wants the other boys to follow him. Jack makes rules, but he enforces them physically. The rules are for Jack's purposes only and not for the good of the group. He wants the other boys to see him as a fearless leader and uses intimidation to get the others to do what he says. These are not the attributes of a good leader.

Ralph is different from Jack. He takes his leadership seriously and is concerned with taking care of things he considers to be essential, such as constructing shelters and keeping the fire burning so a ship can find them. He's hurt and angry when Jack rebels and pulls the other boys into his own group.As the tensions grow between the two boys, this forces Ralph to sink to Jack's level and become physical . Ralph symbolizes civilization, while Jack is savagery.

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