In "The Cask of Amontillado," to whom is Montresor telling this story?

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There is some evidence to suggest that Montresor might be speaking to a priest. In the beginning, he addresses someone who, he says, "well know[s] the nature of [his] soul." A priest, certainly, would be one to whom Montresor might have made confession in the past, and, in this way, such an auditor would absolutely understand Montresor and know him quite well.

Secondly, Montresor does seem to be confessing now. In the end, he says that the events of this story took place "half of a century" ago. This means that he is now an old man. If he was in his mid-twenties when these events took place, he'd be in his mid-seventies now. It is possible, then, that he is making his final confession to a priest before receiving his last rites. If he has held onto this information for so many years, it might have been weighing heavily on his conscience, though he only now confesses (when he's so near death) because he doesn't want to suffer any consequences for his actions. After all, he said in the...

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