Who is a mockingbird in To Kill a Mockingbird? Quotes would be helpful.I already know that Boo and Tom Robinson are mockingbirds, can you give me other characters.(please) Thank you :)

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chelsea85 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If a mockingbird simply means small and innocent, I would say that Scout and Jem are also mockingbirds because they lose their innocence throughout the course of the novel.  Jem and Scout, like most children, do not understand the malicious side of man.  They believe in right and wrong as black and white - easy to discover, and easy to choose the "right" path. However, Tom Robinson's trial opens their eyes to the fallibilty of humanity.  In chapter 20, Mr. Raymond tells Scout that "[she] hasn't seen enough of the world yet. [She hasn't] even seen this town" to suggest that she is blissfully unaware of what people are capable of.

Perhaps, however, Jem suffers the most. As he listens to the trial, he is proud of his dad and believes that Tom will win his case:  "...we're gonna win, Scout.  I don't see how we can't."  Then, at the beginning of chapter 22, after Tom Robinson is convicted, the reader learns that "It was Jem's turn to cry..." and he says "'It ain't right.'" The conversation that follows between Aunt Alexandra and Atticus further suggests the unfortunate lesson that Jem and Scout had to learn about the world that they live in.  I am sure there are many more reasons with support to prove the loss of innocence that these two characters experience.

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