Describe Miss Pross, including her dreams and what she sees in Lucie.

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sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As her nurse (and later her guardian and companion), Miss Pross loves Lucie (the daughter) very much. If Miss Pross has a dream, it consists of her best wishes for Lucie, her hope that Lucie will have happiness and a good life. Modern psychologists might characterize Pross as wanting to live her own life vicariously through that of the young Lucie. However, the narrator characterizes her as “One of those unselfish creatures found only among women who will for pure love and admiration, bind themselves willingly” to another, such as Lucie. This self-less nanny, strong and determined to protect Lucie, confronts Madame DeFarge, who is a danger to Lucie and the “England” that Lucie and Miss Pross together represent. She acts heroically, killing Defarge in preventing her from discovering information about Lucie’s family.

dramaluvr72 | Student

Miss Pross is an extremely loyal housekeeper of the Manettes. She has been the housekeeper since Lucie was 10 years old.

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