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Miss Caroline Fisher is Scout's first grade teacher. She hails from Winston County and has a rough first day of school. Miss Caroline is portrayed as an attractive, young woman. She is an inexperienced teacher and struggles to maintain control of her students. Miss Caroline is also portrayed as naive and rigid for criticizing Scout for reading at home with her father. Instead of praising Scout for her unique, advanced abilities, Miss Caroline discourages Scout by telling her that she should not read or write at home. Miss Caroline also fails to properly punish Scout for her apparent disrespect and instead humors the classes by giving Scout several swats on the palm of her hand with a ruler. The neighboring teacher, Miss Blount, is even forced to quiet Miss Caroline's class because the students are laughing hysterically.

Later on in the day, Miss Caroline loses her composure after witnessing a cootie crawl out of Burris Ewell's hair. After telling him to go home and bathe, Burris gets an attitude with her and ends up calling Miss Caroline a "snot-nosed slut of a schoolteacher," which reduces her to tears. Overall, Miss Caroline is an inexperienced school teacher with a narrow view of education. She has a difficult first day teaching in Maycomb County. 

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