Who are the minor characters in The Merchant of Venice?actually i just wanna know much who are the minor characters & their Roles

Expert Answers
gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All the characters in the play are listed here:


With their names, you get a one line summary of their role in the play. This includes the minor characters, and you can use this as a kind of checklist for your project.

A more detailed description of the characters is found here:


And finally, an analysis of the major characters is available as well. This would be Portia, Antonio, Shylock, and Bassanio.

cjuzee | Student
Solanio, Laucelot, Jessica, Salerio, gratiano, and Narrisa.
carolyin | Student

salanio,salerio,the duke of venice, lorenzo, jesicca

sweeto | Student

mmmmmmm i think nerrisa,launcelot,salanio and salario are minor characters