Who is the merchant prince in "Rosie Roberts" from Spoon River Anthology?

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Rosie Roberts reveals that she has killed the son of the merchant prince in Edgar Lee Masters’s Spoon River Anthology. Rosie is a prostitute at Madam Lou’s, and the merchant’s son is one of her customers. Based on his reaction to learning that following her appointment with him, she is planning to meet her lover, it appears that the merchant prince’s son may have fallen in love with Rosie. The merchant prince’s son has offered her a large sum of money to stay with him, but he is angered when she says that his money does not matter and that she intends to meet the man she loves that night. In his anger, he pushes her down. She responds by shooting the merchant prince’s son.

The story is hushed up to avoid scandal, and the wealthy merchant bribes the newspaper to report that his son died while cleaning his gun. Rosie believes the false story has been printed in exchange for the merchant spending a considerable amount of money buying advertising from the newspaper. She also seems...

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