abstract profiles of main characters Byron and Mark

That Was Then, This Is Now

by S. E. Hinton
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Who meets a girl and falls in love with her in the novel That Was Then, This Is Now? 

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In the novel That Was Then, This Is Now, Bryon meets and falls in love Cathy Carlson. Cathy is M&M's sister who recently moved back in town and works at a snack bar in the local hospital. Bryon is immediately attracted to her beautiful smile and down to earth personality. After taking her to a school dance, Bryon realizes that Cathy is an innocent girl who is not jealous or controversial like the other girls he has dated in the past. As the novel progresses, Bryon falls in love with Cathy and starts to spend more time with her than he does with his best friend, Mark. One day, M&M runs off with some of his hippie friends and does not return home. Cathy is upset and distraught about not being able to find her brother. When Cathy and Bryon find M&M, he is high on acid and Cathy breaks down before calling her father. Later on, Bryon calls the authorities on Mark for selling drugs, loses interest in Cathy, and becomes distant. Cathy and Bryon stop talking, and Cathy ends up dating Ponyboy Curtis at the end of the novel.

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