The Thief of Always

by Clive Barker

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Who marries Lulu at the end of The Thief of Always?

While readers do not learn the name of Lulu's husband, this kind man believes his wife's story about Holiday House and helps convince Harvey's parents that their son is telling the truth.

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By the end of Clive Barker's The Thief of Always, Harvey has experienced an amazing adventure, and he has heroically saved himself, Lulu, Wendell, and the other children from the prison of Holiday House and from the horrific Mr. Hood. But when Harvey goes back to his proper time and to his parents, the latter have difficulty believing his story. It is quite fantastic, after all.

Harvey takes them to the place where the Holiday House once stood and tries to convince them. As he is digging for evidence, a man walks up. The man is a stranger, and we never learn his name. A woman in a white dress stands a little distance away at the bottom of the hill. The man tells Harvey's parents that Harvey's story is true and that Harvey is a hero. While the man himself was not one of the children at the Holiday House, he is the husband of one of them, and his wife has told him the whole story. Harvey immediately knows that the man is talking about Lulu, for even though Lulu and Harvey were both children at the Holiday House, Lulu comes from an earlier time, and she is now an adult in Harvey's time.

The woman in white does not come any closer because, as her husband explains, she wants Harvey to remember her as she was, as a child. The man shakes Harvey's hand and walks away, but his parents now believe their son, even though they still can't understand everything.

The man who marries Lulu, then, remains unnamed, but we can tell that he is a kind, caring man who trusts his wife and goes out of his way to help her friend Harvey convince his parents of the truth.

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