Who marches past the family as they hide in the irises in So Far from the Bamboo Grove? 

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As Ko, Mother, and Yoko hide in the wild irises, Korean soldiers from the Anti-Japanese Communist Army march past. All three females are on their way to the train station after Corporal Matsumura warns that the Russians are coming. The Corporal tells the family that the Russians will look for the family to kill them because Mrs. Kawashima's husband has worked for Japanese interests in Manchuria.

Mrs. Kawashima is initially reluctant to go; her son Hideyo has just started working at the ammunition factory, and he is not due home until six days have passed (he is supposed to work six days a week as punishment for purposely failing the written test for the Japanese Army). However, Corporal Matsumura tells Mrs. Kawashima to leave a note for Hideyo to meet the family at the train station in Seoul. He reiterates that speed is imperative: the train for evacuating Japanese patients leaves at 4am, and the Corporal has arranged with the station-master to put the little family on the train.

All three make their way to the station by walking along the river. However, they soon hear marching feet and scramble to slide down the steep riverbank to hide in the wild irises. They listen in horror as the Korean troop commander gives his soldiers instructions on how to kill their Japanese enemies. As soon as the soldiers move on, the little family continue on their way to the station.

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