Who does Maniac love the most in "Maniac Magee": the Beales family or the McNab family?

Expert Answers
linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question is not so much who Maniac loved more. Throughout the book, he is able to get along with just about everybody. The only people he seems to have any trouble spending time with are his aunt and uncle.

Both the Beales and the McNabs take Maniac into their homes and make him a part of their family. With the Beales, however, Maniac seems to have a more stable relationship. He is different from them because he is white, but they don't relate to him as being different until someone from the neighborhood writes a nasty message on their sidewalk. The McNabs, however, are very different. They are very racist and are preparing for a "war" between whites and blacks. Maniac could easily bring a white friend into the Beale home, but it wasn't so easy to bring a black friend to the McNabs' home. They very nearly attack Mars Bar when he comes to visit. In my opinion, he'd rather be with the Beales than with the McNabs.

cad18 | Student

he loved the beale family more because when he was with the mcnab family he said how did i get here thinking of the beales, grason, and all the othe r places he was and now he is in a dump.