I Am Malala Questions and Answers
by Malala Yousafzai

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Who is Malala's grandfather?

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Malala's paternal grandfather is Rohul Amin. She tells us that his name means "honest spirit," and Rohul is just that—a vociferous man who voices his opinions without fear. Rohul is also an impatient man given to fits of temper.

During Malala's childhood, Rohul was a theology teacher at a high school in the village of Shahpur. He was also an imam at the local mosque, and his Friday sermons drew listeners from near and far.

All in all, Rohul is a magnetic and exuberant man. He never hesitates in giving advice to anyone in his family. In fact, Rohul originally objected to Malala's name and showed no qualms in voicing his displeasure. Rohul maintained that Malala's name sounded melancholy, despite the fact that she was named after a local Pashtun heroine.

We also learn that Rohul once studied in India, where he heard great men, such as Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, speak. Rohul later used his clerical training to help usher in General Zia's Islamisation campaign in Pakistan. Prior to the rise of the Taliban, Rohul was able to witness Pakistan earn its independence from the British on August 14, 1947. To this day, Pakistan celebrates independence day on August 14th.

Meanwhile, Malala's maternal grandfather is Janser Khan. She tells us that Rohul Amin and Janser Khan did not get along.

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Malala's grandfather, her father's father, is named Rohul Amin. Rohul Amin is a theology teacher who has a very charismatic personality. He is also very well known for his oratory skills and powerful sermons. Malala's father, Ziauddin, is not completely comfortable around his father due to the fact that he struggled with stuttering while growing up. The stuttering caused Ziauddin embarrassment since there was such a harsh contrast between his speech issues and his father's eloquence. Rohul sought treatment for Ziauddin's speech impediment, but, unfortunately, the treatment failed. Despite the failed treatments, Ziauddin worked to overcome his impediment and won speech contests. This lessened the tension between Ziauddin and his father, but when Ziaddin did not have the academic skills to become a doctor, the tension increased. Despite the strained relationship between Malala's father and grandfather, she becomes close to Rohul and is influenced by his oratory skills. Rohul is very loving and affectionate toward Malala. She enjoys listening to him read stories and sing songs.

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