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lwinfield eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Malala's grandfather, her father's father, is named Rohul Amin. Rohul Amin is a theology teacher who has a very charismatic personality. He is also very well known for his oratory skills and powerful sermons. Malala's father, Ziauddin, is not completely comfortable around his father due to the fact that he struggled with stuttering while growing up. The stuttering caused Ziauddin embarrassment since there was such a harsh contrast between his speech issues and his father's eloquence. Rohul sought treatment for Ziauddin's speech impediment, but, unfortunately, the treatment failed. Despite the failed treatments, Ziauddin worked to overcome his impediment and won speech contests. This lessened the tension between Ziauddin and his father, but when Ziaddin did not have the academic skills to become a doctor, the tension increased. Despite the strained relationship between Malala's father and grandfather, she becomes close to Rohul and is influenced by his oratory skills. Rohul is very loving and affectionate toward Malala. She enjoys listening to him read stories and sing songs.