Who makes more money Doctors or Lawyers?And which is more safe?

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It really depends on the specialty of the professional and the area in which they work.  A lawyer that frequently wins his/her cases will likely make more money.  The same could be said for a doctor that has experience in their specialty.  For instance, a surgeon who has successful completed hundreds of surgeries will likely make more money.  It may also depend on the professional themselves.  Some lawyers will take cases with wealthy clients while others will try to take only clients they want to represent regardless of finances.  Some doctors will seek out a high paying position at a large hospital, while others will stay in a rural area and might even be paid in food or trade.  It would say that in the US doctors and lawyers are usually both high paid professionals.

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It depends on many factors; your specialty, where in the country you are, what school you graduate from. Small town and general practitioners make less in both fields, while those with in-demand specialities and those who graduated from the big-name schools at the top of their class will always have their pick of jobs.

In the US, there is currently an oversupply of lawyers graduating; the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that new lawyers will face stiff competition for good jobs for the next decade or so.



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It depends a lot on what kind of doctor or lawyer you are talking about.  I don't think that you can say for certain.  A general practitioner doctor working for a small clinic in a rural area isn't going to make much money, but neither is a lawyer working a small firm in that same area.  It really depends on what you specialize in and how good you are.

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This is a question which cannot be answered in a word. These are profession and a man needs to be professional. Doctors who are specialised in some area and if he is efficient enough and treat people the right way, he attracts patients and then he makes money. May be some of them are eagerous to serve the people and take less charge. Mostly doctors are very much interested to practice in big town. Doctors of rural area hardly make money.

On the other hand the same is appicable o the lawyers. Lawyers who are too professional earn more money than the lawyers of less. They all need talent and intellect to argue cases in spit of knowing laws. There are also lawyers who do not practice or argue all types of cases.