Who are the major and minor characters in the story "Everyday Use"?

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The narrator of this great short story is Mama, who is described as a large woman with rough hands. She tells stories which describe her as a woman of tough mettle who is able to do any man's job.

Other characters include her daughters, Maggie and Dee. Maggie is described as somebody who lacks self-confidence and has suffered trauma since their former home burned down. According to her mother, Maggie is neither intelligent nor attractive.

Dee is probably more difficult to get along with than Maggie. She wants an education and the finer things in life and does not appear to be above manipulation in her quest to get them. She is portrayed as beautiful, intelligent, and cruel.

Hakim.a.barber is Dee's partner, who arrives at the house with her.

Grandma Dee, after whom Dee is named, had a quilt made out of her old clothes, which Dee wants.

The major characters in the story are:

Mama, the narrator. Mama is the mother of two daughters, and the story is told from her perspective. She is the most...

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