Who are the major and minor characters of John Green's Paper Towns?Who are the people in the story?

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John Green's novel, Paper Town, is an adolescent novel set in Orlando, Florida. The main characters are:

QUENTIN JACOBSEN. The protagonist of the novel, Quentin is a 17 year old boy who attends an Orlando high school. He is in love with his next door neighbor, Margo. 

MARGO SPIEGELMAN.  A longtime friend of Quentin, she shows up one night and convinces Quentin to go on a night of mischief around Orlando, which includes breaking into Sea World. Then she disappears. 

MARCUS "RADAR" LINCOLN.  One of Quentin's best friends.

BEN STARLING.  A good friend of Quentin, he is nicknamed "Bloody Ben." 

LACEY PEMBERTON.  She is Margo's best girl friend; Ben is her boyfriend. 

QUENTIN'S PARENTS.  They are both therapists.

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