Who are the major characters in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

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The main characters in Judy Blume’s, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, include:

  • Peter Warren Hatcher is the fourth grader who narrates the story. He is the older of the two boys in the Hatcher family. Peter feels ignored by his family because his little brother Fudge manages to call attention to himself with his antics, including destroying Peter’s homework. Fudge manages to get away with his tricks under the guise of being the baby until he takes, Dribble, Peter’s pet turtle.

  • Farley Drexel Hatcher, also known as Fudge, is Peter’s baby brother, who presents a number of problems for Peter, and the family. His tantrums and two-year old behavior give the family plenty to deal with.

  • Mr. Warren Hatcher is Peter and Fudge’s father. His personality is exposed in his dealings with Fudge. When Fudge refuses to eat his supper, Mr. Warren tells him, “To eat it or wear it.” He proceeds take Fudge into the bathroom where he pours the bowl of food over Fudge’s head. This is an antic Fudge repeats by himself when the family is in a restaurant.

  • Mrs. Hatcher is the wife of Warren, and the mother of Peter and Fudge. She often implores Peter to help her with Fudge when her dinner and birthday party plans go awry.

  • Jimmy Fargo is Peter’s best friend and classmate. He lives alone with his father as his parents are divorced.

  • Sheila Tubman is Peter’s classmate, and lives in his apartment building. Sheila is another thorn in Peter’s side. One of her past times is to tell everyone that Peter has cooties.