Who are the major characters in the novel Bud, Not Buddy?

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There are several important characters throughout the novel Bud, Not Buddy. Bud is the novel's narrator and protagonist. He is a ten-year-old orphan who lives in Flint, Michigan during the Depression. Bud's journey to find his biological father takes him to Grand Rapids, where he unknowingly mistakes his grandfather, Herman E. Calloway, to be his father. Herman E. Calloway is a famous musician who views Bud with contempt. Herman's daughter, Angela Janet Caldwell, ran away from home and passed away when her son, Bud, was six years old. At the beginning of the novel, Bud runs away from the Amoses' house after Todd Amos lies about Bud beating him up. Bud travels to a Hooverville with his best friend, Bugs. While Bud is visiting the Hooverville, he meets another supporting character, Deza Malone, who gives him his first kiss. Another major character throughout the novel is Lefty Lewis. Lefty drives Bud to Grand Rapids to meet his "father." Lefty Lewis introduces Bud to his daughter, Mrs. Sleet, and his two grandchildren, Kim and Scott, before they hit the road. Two other major characters in the novel include Steady Eddie, who plays the saxophone in Herman's band and quickly befriends Bud, and Miss Thomas, a singer in Calloway's band, who convinces Herman to let Bud stay at their home.

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