Who are the major characters in "The Black Hermit?"

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Remi: the protagonist; a young man in the Maura Tribe who is sent to the city to go to school and returns to his villiage to govern; after marrying his brother's wife, he rejects his duties at home and returns to the city.

Thoni: the widow of Remi's older brother who becomes Remi's wife upon his return; she is scorned by her new husband.

Nyobi: Remi's mother; she has recently converted to Christianity and supports Remi's wife.

Jane: Remi's lover from the university.

The Pastor: a strict and devout Christian who encourages Nyobi to convert Thoni to Christianity.

Omange: another of Remi's school friends; also an activist, he ironically encourages Remi to go home and take care of his wife.

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