Who are the major characters in Gogol's "Dead Souls"?What are their characteristics?

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You will find a detailed discussion of the characters in this novel here at eNotes at the link in the sources section below. Briefly, a few of the characters are:

Pavel Ivanovitch Tchitchikov: He buys “dead souls” (the names of serfs who have died since the last census) so that he can use them to get money from his uncle's estate.

Selifan: Pavel's coachman.

Nastasya Petrovna Korobotchkina: an old woman from whom Pavel purchases dead souls.

Petrushka: Pavel’s valet.

Nozdryov: a gambler turns Pavel in as a spy and forger.

Manilov, Mihail Semyonovitch Sobakevitch, Plyushkin, General Betrishtchev: people who sell souls to Pavel.

Ivan Grigoryevitch: the town president.

Ivan Antonovitch: a town clerk who takes bribes to record purchases.

The Governor and his daughter: The town believes that Pavel plans to elope with the daughter.

Captain Kopeykin: a legendary soldier, told in story form, of the War of 1812 who has become an outlaw.

Andrey Ivanovitch Tyentyelnikov: a man whom Pavel aids in his suit for a neighbor’s daughter.

Ulinka: the general’s daughter, in love with Tyentyelnikov.

Konstantin Skudronzhoglo: a wealthy landowner who loans Pavel money to buy an estate.

Murazov: the lawyer who helps free Pavel from jail.

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