Who are the main characters in "The Waltz"? What are the literary terms in the short story and why are they used?

Expert Answers
Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The characters are the unnamed narrator and a number of anonymous dance partners, one of whom she dubs "Double-Time Charley."

His name can be considered a literary device, that is, a metaphor. He literally dances in "double time" and his name also reflects the way the narrator view men: as two-timing cheats.

Another technique Parker uses is stream-of-consciousness. We are able to hear the narrator's thoughts as she thinks them. (This internal rhetoric appears in the italicized portions of the story.)

The purpose of Parker's satire is wit that thinly covers pain. As readers, we sometimes laugh aloud at the foolishness of the men and the narrator's biting humor. But the story is pervaded also by a sense of loneliness and near hopelessness for a better future.

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