Who are the main characters?  What are their relationships? Just the relationships that Fitzwilliam, Jane, Elizabeth, Mr Bennet, Mrs Bennet, and Charles Bingley had with each other

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Pride and Prejudice tells the stories of the marriages of three sisters out of five in the Bennet family within a setting of class conflict in early 19th-century England. The sisters and their parents are some of the main characters; they occupy much of the action, and relationships among them shape the story. Especially important here is Mrs. Bennet's obsession with getting her daughters married, preferably to wealthy men.

The changing relationship between the two main characters, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, forms much of the novel's plot. Their relationship progresses from complete strangers who do not even know of each other's existence to a married couple.

Lizzie has four sisters: Jane, the eldest; and Mary, Lydia , and Catherine, who are all younger than her. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are also important characters. They have an affectionate but often strained marriage as they have contrasting personalities. Lizzie is closer to her father, as they are...

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