The Wednesday Wars

by Gary Schmidt

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Who are the main characters in The Wednesday Wars?

Expert Answers

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The main character is Holling Hoodhood. He is a 7th grader at his school, and he happens to be the only Presbyterian at a school filled with either Catholic or Jewish students. He has a sister, but readers do not discover her name until very late in the novel. Her name is Heather, and she and Holling antagonize each other like a stereotypical brother and sister. She is older than Holling and tests the boundaries with her parents repeatedly. She is more or less a developing hippie. Holling's parents are present in the novel, but not in any major way. Mrs. Hoodhood is a flat character that doesn't express her own wishes or desires. She goes along with whatever Mr. Hoodhood demands. Mr. Hoodhood is an architect and incredibly ambitious in that career. That ambition comes at a cost. He is not a great father figure to Holling or Heather. Although Mrs. Baker, Holling's English teacher, doesn't get along with Holling in the beginning of the novel, she winds up being a sort of surrogate parent to Holling. She does have a husband, but he is overseas fighting in the Vietnam War. Holling is not a super popular kid at school, but he does have three very close friends. They are Danny, Meryl Lee, and Doug. Doug's older brother is another major character in the book, and he is the school's bully.

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The protagonist of the book is Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grader at Camillo Junior High in Long Island during the 1960s. He thinks his teacher, Mrs. Baker, hates him, and he has to spend Wednesday afternoons with her because he does not go to Hebrew school or Catechism like the other students. Mrs. Baker is a strict teacher whose husband is sent to fight in Vietnam, but she turns out to be a very caring person. The other main characters are Holling's sister, Heather, who is an idealistic hippie, and his tuned-out parents, Mr. Hoodhood (an architect) and Mrs. Hoodhood. Holling's nemesis is Doug Sweiteck, a fellow student who is troublesome and has an older brother. Holling also spends time with Meryl Lee Kowalski, who has been in love with Holling for a number of years.

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what are the main characters of the wensday wars  

Holling Hoodhood is the main chracter, known as the primary protagonist.

Heather Hoodhood is Holling's teenage sister; she is rebellious and comes to Holling's aid.

Mrs. Baker is Holling's 7th grade school teacher; she appears to be an antagonist but reveals herself later to be a protagonist.

Meryl Lee is Holling's girlfriend.

Mr. Hoodhood is Holling's father; he is strict and unyeilding. He is the source of conflict for Holling and others, so he is the antagonist.

There are several other characters, including Danny, Doug and his brother Horace, Joe Pepitone, and Mai, among others.

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