Who are the main characters of the story To Sir, with Love?

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Ricardo Braithwaite- He is the main character in the story. He is also black and has endured unfortunate discrimination in his job-searching endeavor before landing in Greenslade Secondary School.

Gillian Blanchard- The pretty new teacher at Greenslade. She and Ricardo get involved and later get engaged.

Alex Florian- The head teacher at the school where Ricardo teaches.

Pamela Dare- The red-haired neat girl in Ricardo’s class. She also has a crush on Ricardo and defends him when the other students attack and make discriminating comments about him during their field trip.

Mr. Bell- He is the new physical education teacher who is also insulting.

Denham- He is the defiant student who carries lewd magazines to class. He and Ricardo engage in a boxing challenge during a physical education class and Ricardo wins. After that, Denham begins to respect Ricardo and even refers to him as Sir.