Who are the main characters, or the most prominent characters, in "Speak"?

Expert Answers
mariaosbourn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Melinda Sordino is the main character in the book. Also considered the protagonist, she is the character that readers watch bloom from the tormented, quiet girl at school into a strong defender of herself in the end. Melinda is suffering the aftermath of being a rape victim, while also entering the dreaded freshman year. 

Andy Evans is also a student at the high school Melinda attends. He is the reason for much of the torture that occurs at the hands of others and within Melinda herself. He is the boy that raped Melinda—the boy in the high school that is idolized and worshiped because of athletic abilities and physical appearance. 

David Petrakis, also a student at Merryweather High School, becomes one student that Melinda actually seems to admire. He is intelligent, works with Melinda in a Biology class, and is friendly to her. Melinda ends up really respecting David's strength and courage. 

Mr. Freeman is Melinda's art teacher. He is an integral part of Melinda's growth, strength, and voice. He is sweet and caring to Melinda and encourages her to find herself spiritually and artistically. 

sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The protagonist is Melinda Sordino, trying to cope with her rape and its aftermath.  Rachel Bruin, her ex-best friend, is important because, by dating the boy who raped Melinda, she propels Melinda to finally speak out.  Andy Evans, the boy who raped her, is the books antagonist.  Ivy and Nicole are two other former friends who are more understanding, and eventually come to help Melinda.  Heather, the new girl, becomes a friend of Melinda's but quickly abandons her for social status.  She is important because she recognizes Melinda's depression, but she does not push to ensure Melinda gets help.  Finally, her lab partner David Petrakis is important for being someone who does not shun Melinda, and talks freely to her.  This provides her with hope for the future.

zookeeper714 | Student

Melinda is the main character the supporting characters are her teachers and friends from last year